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Active Alignment Adhesives are used in the precision assembly of Optical, Fiber, MEMS and Optoelectronic components. These adhesives will instantly provide a rigid cure, once components are optimally positioned in place, by using UV light. The curing of any unexposed or shadowed areas will then proceed quickly with moderate heat or longer ambient conditions.

The Polymark line of Active Alignment Adhesives has many advantages over competitive products:

  • Ability to choose the Polymark product matching your UV Wavelength
  • Excellent Adhesive Bonding and strength to nearly all common substrates
  • Very low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
  • Ability to Cure Deep into the adhesive with UV exposure
  • Able to withstand 85% Humidity/85°C Temperature conditions
  • Very Low Cure Shrinkage

Polymark has the ability to adjust many material properties. Examples are: provide a better shelf life at specific temperatures, change the CTE, change consistency to flow-able or to paste-like, change the curing profile, or reduce the maximum particle size. We can do any of these while maintaining the best balance of properties for your specific application.


themral management

Adhesives - cures in seconds without any movement
Product Description
UVE301-310 Cures at 310 nm range and secondary heat cure <80°C - Download PDF
UVE301-390 Cures at 390 nm range and secondary heat cure <80°C - Download PDF
UVE305-310* Lowest CTE of our Product Line - Download PDF
UVE306-310* Room temperature stable storage - Download PDF

*Also available with LED UV friendly 390 nanometer cure version.


Note - Polymark has additional products other than those listed. If one of the above products doesn’t meet your requirements, please contact your Polymark representative or use the Contact Polymark link to inquire about other options.

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