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Electrically Conductive
Some applications cannot tolerate the high heat used to make a solder connection. These include printed circuits on certain plastics which will melt or warp if exposed to reflow temperatures. Also, many electrical components are not rated for the high reflow temperatures. The answer is a conductive adhesive.



electronically conductive

Polymark offers options of one and two-part silver filled materials when the highest conductivity is needed. If a lesser degree of conductivity is an option, our nickel filled systems will provide more economy. Most of our materials can be stencil or screen printed, or dispensed from syringes for machine placement.

Adhesives - makes an electrical connection without solder
Product Description
437-91-N-1 One-part, nickel filled, for various component attachment - Download PDF
504-81 One-part, silver filled, stencil/screen printable - Download PDF
E112.3 Two-part, silver filled, stencil/screen printable - Download PDF

Note* Polymark has additional products other than those listed. If one of the above products doesn’t meet your requirements, please contact your Polymark representative or use the Contact Polymark link to inquire about other options.


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