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LED Products
Whether you are in the business of LED production, putting a surface-mount LED on your PCB, or need protection over an LED array, Polymark has the material for you.

Our epoxies encapsulants have an extremely high Tg that maintain their clarity during extended thermal aging, outperforming our competition. We have several screen-printable conductive adhesives used for attaching LED to flex circuits and other low-temp substrates.



Once mounted, our UV curable encapsulants provide fast mechanical support and clarity. If you are wire bonding your LED, our heat-curable flexible coating provides the toughness needed for its protection as well as long-term clarity for the light to shine through.

We have additional potting solutions for large outdoor LED screens, so contact Polymark for details.

Adhesives - makes an electrical connection to LED without solder
Product Description
437-91-N-1 One-part, nickel filled, can attach to plastic substrate - Download PDF
504-81 One-part, silver filled, screen printable, highly conductive - Download PDF
E112.3 Two-part, silver filled, screen printable, highly conductive - Download PDF

Encapsulants - protects the LED and allows the light to shine through
Product Description
A438 Flexible and tough, can protect wire bonded LEDs - Download PDF
UVA4110 UV cured, provides hard, acrylic shell over the LED - Download PDF
P136 High Temp epoxy for through-hole LED encapsulation - Download PDF


Note* Polymark has additional products other than those listed. If one of the above products doesn’t meet your requirements, please contact your Polymark representative or use the Contact Polymark link to inquire about other options.

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