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Thermal Management
Many of today’s electronic advancements also produce faster and hotter operating devices. Adhesives, potting materials and thermal greases must also advance to keep these devices cool. Polymark has an answer with materials offering high thermal conductive performance.

We have also responded to today’s economic climate with some low cost options for thermal management as well. Contact Polymark for alternatives and suggestions to your thermal problems.



themral management

Thermally Conductive Adhesives - for cooling component hot spots
Product Description
C230 Two-part polyurethane thickens instantly when mixed for non-sagging
application - Download PDF
C424 Two-part, value priced TC silicone is insensitive to inhibition and provides a good working life.
It is also available in a self-leveling version - Download PDF

Thermally Conductive Potting - for protecting heat-generating units
Product Description
C140 One-part, low temperature cure, TC potting system - Download PDF
P542 Two-part, flexible polybutadiene TC system - Download PDF

Thermally Conductive Grease - non-curing greases allows later removal
Product Description
C328 Silicone-free, very high temperature TC grease - Download PDF


Users of epoxies, silicones and polyurethanes frequently need to determine the ability of a cured resin system to conduct heat. In the SI system, thermal conductivity is measured in Watts per meter Kelvin (W/mK). Similarly, thermal conductance and... Read More



Note* Polymark has additional products other than those listed. If one of the above products doesn’t meet your requirements, please contact your Polymark representative or use the Contact Polymark link to inquire about other options.

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