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UV Curable
Most UV cure adhesives can fully cure in less than 10 seconds exposure to UV wavelength light. Most can also be modified to cure within the visible light spectrum. Viscosities range from water-like fluids to thick pastes.

UV Curables


Most all are very clear systems which is advantageous when visibility counts, like LED encapsulation. Strong bonds are typical to substrates like glass, metals and many plastics. Dual cures are available that use heat or mixing as a secondary method of curing.

Adhesives - cures in seconds for rapid staking and bonding of parts
Product Description
UVA4003-2 UV/Heat dual cure adhesive - Download PDF
UVA4103 USP Class 6 Medial Grade Adhesive - Download PDF
UVA4101 UV Cure with low flow – high viscosity - Download PDF

Encapsulants - useful when time is unavailable for conventional potting
Product Description
UVA4110 UV cure, clear encapsulant - Download PDF
L-87-3 Two-part, dual cure by UV/room temperature - Download PDF

Coating - used for fast cure on glass and other delicate substrates
Product Description
N-261-1 UV cure, scratch resistant coating - Download PDF


Note* Polymark has additional products other than those listed. If one of the above products doesn’t meet your requirements, please contact your Polymark representative or use the Contact Polymark link to inquire about other options.

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