Polymark has many years of experience in developing unique products to meet our customer’s engineering challenges. We continually keep abreast of new technologies and trends in formulating by attending tradeshow seminars, industry meetings and supplier webinars so that our customers can benefit in the latest technology available. Many of our chemists have graduate degrees and have dedicated their careers to developing products and providing technical service to our customers.

When beginning a project with your engineers, we gather all information available before offering a solution. Working as a team, there are certain inputs that are needed when choosing a material.


  • Overall cost limitations
  • Longevity of the product
  • Processing equipment limits
  • Environmental protection needed
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Adhesion requirements
  • Appearance and Esthetics
  • Tg, CTE, Ohms, MVTR, W/mK, rheology, etc.

Polymark has the ability to test not only our materials, but will make sure that our product will function within the confines of your assembly. By utilizing equipment such as DSC, DMA, UV/Vis Spectrometer, Instron tester, and many others, we can precisely match the best resin system for you.

Whether you are starting on a new design or need improvement with your current materials or methods, Polymark will be your partner in success. Complete the contact information page and a Polymark representative will reply soon.

Polymark’s engineers have your advanced technology formulated resin solution.

Polymark’s engineers have your advanced technology formulated resin solution.

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